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"I have been involved in Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facility Administration for over 30 years. I LOVE your website- the info is easy to use, and comprehensive. I typically write all of my own policies, procedures, forms etc. but since finding and joining Providers Web...I have so much more time to Direct our Operations....We have 7 licensed Homes for the Aged, Assisted Living Homes in the state of Michigan - a total of +/- 700 older persons, many with diagnoses of dementia. Just wanted to say thank you for making this information available, at such a reasonable cost!"

Kathleen Garfield Sharkey
Director of Operations
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PW LogoLicensing Help - Help Getting Licensed

New ProvidersWeb 4 minute video

How to start a residential care or assisted living facility.


If you are thinking of getting into the residential care or assisted living business for elderly, developmentally disabled or group homes for troubled teens, we can help.

The demand for care in the least restrictive environment is upon us. The need for RCFE - residential care homes for the elderly, also called assisted living - ALF is rising. With the baby boomers starting to need care, it is predicted that there will not be enough care homes to meet their needs.

Below is a list of free ProvidersWeb documents to help you get started. We have most everything you will need to complete your licensing packet. If you are a paid member and need additional help, we will assist you. For more information write: Dmorrow@providersweb.com.

~The ProvidersWeb Service Team

Getting Into Business
Free document designed to help those interested in starting a care facility business.  This document is a general overview of the process of starting a RCFE, RCF, ALF, assisted living facility, residential care facility type business.

Where to Start Links to forms and information to assist a residential care facility currently in business more effectively use ProvidersWeb. The basic staff training and management areas are cover. The training and management practices can be utilize by all types of care facilities, including RCFEs, RCFs, GH-MI, GH-DD, AFC and others.

Dementia Care Program Check Off A check off list to insure that your facility is completing and/or using the Dementia Care Program correctly.

Bookkeeping and Accounting Overview
Overview of the bookkeeping and accounting section of the Business Manual.
Pre-Licensing Requirements
Pre-Licensing Table of Contents

The SBA Business Plan
Link to the SBA business plan and overview.

Business Legal Basics
General legal basics for your business.

The A to Z Admission Process
Care facility management requires certain information be obtained when a resident is admitted, this information is required by state law. This article addresses the process for admitting a resident from A to Z.

Assessing Basic Mental Traits
This article addresses the importance of assessing residents' basic mental traits prior to admission in a Care Facility.

Care Service Incontinency Handbook TOC
Table of Contents for the Care Service Incontinency Handbook.

ADL Care Services
OSHAs Illness and Injury Guidelines for ADLs

ProvidersWeb's "Record Review" Forms TOC
Table of contents of ProvidersWeb's "Record Review" Forms eBook.

Diabetic Care
This document has information on what to look for when accepting a diabetic resident. Many useful links and general information about Diabetic care.

Fair Labor Standards Act
Information about the Fair Labor Standards Act, with many useful links.

The ProvidersWeb's Care Service System
This document breaks down why a resident needs care, what type of services will be provided, and how the services shall be provided. It outlines ProvidersWeb's view on what care standards need to be met. Each state has it's own standards which need to be met. In creating the ProvidersWeb's Care Service System all 50 states residential care regulations were reviewed as well as JACHO's Assisted Living Accreditation Standards, and the Federal Assisted Living Work Group's Report on the standards needed, information from the Alzheimer's Association, the American Bar Association, AARP plus much more. We believe ProvidersWeb's Care Standards meet and exceed the general consensus of what the American Public wants when it comes to care services.

Dear Care Provider,

LegalThe policies and procedures you need for the various care and services that you want to provide at your care business need to be customized by you or reviewed by you.  We at ProvidersWeb provide sample forms, policies, procedures and lots of information to help you create your own documents or choose to use ours as is if the document meets your applicable laws and regulations. 

Believe me, knowing your business’s legal requirements is absolutely essential.  No matter what publisher you get your information from you need to know what you are responsible for especially if you will be the licensee.  What you are responsible for always boils down to the standard of care.  The standard of care is based on local, state laws, and federal laws.  And the standard of care is based what a reasonable person in the industry would do under the same circumstances. 

ProvidersWeb covers routine business practices, policies and procedures, like filing your fictitious business name, creating a business and marketing plan, safety program, tickler list, basic employment laws, staff management practices and other business areas.  In addition, ProvidersWeb covers most of the care and service areas that care businesses have to comply with. There are many areas you are responsible for in the care and service field.   

Above all care providers need to make sure that their customers are properly cared for.  To provide proper care staff must be trained in all kinds of areas such as proper bathing procedures, medication and supervision monitoring, meeting the nutritional needs of the person, incontinent care, activities, fall prevention, psychosocial needs, emergency care; their consumer rights need to be protected and their autonomy respected. 

It is up to the individual care provider to decide what works best for their particular care business and customers.  Keep in mind, the types of policies and procedures used to cover many these areas are not always dictated in the laws or regulations, or even “government policies”. 

ProvidersWeb has been publishing sample and model standards of care policies procedures and forms on the Internet since 2004.  We publish mostly non-medical care standard of care practices.  We cover the main areas most community care providers have to meet. 

Guess WhatGuess what??  Forms and documents change all the time just as laws change and industry standards change.  So what???  It would be too costly to constantly update all the documents in every ebook so our ebooks don’t always have the latest form or document, just like most publishers.

Once you have paid for a subscription I would recommend you download the ProvidersWeb ebooks that interest you.  Just type in the word ebooks (policy manual) on the ProvidersWeb search bar and you will see what is available. Then for the documents you really like, you can type in the key words in our search bar.  Like let’s say you like the Emergency Transfer Form (used when someone has to be sent to the hospital) and when you search for that document (type in emergency transfer) and click on the individual document you will be able to see when the last time it has been updated since the ebook was last published. 

The last time a document was updated could be several years ago.  Like the Resident Ready for Outing form last updated in 2011, however that doesn’t mean that it is outdated.  It’s not outdated, it is still current and may be more current than any other Resident Ready for Outing form available on the market.  Plus, that form and most of ProvidersWeb documents have links to other related documents that you need.

ProvidersWeb is kind of like Business Forms in a Box however, we like to think we are better than those types of products since you can track updates to individual documents better.  There is nothing else like ProvidersWeb in the world.

Every ProvidersWeb document either has a date on the bottom or and individual publishing date on the download.  We are the only publisher that provides this type of service.    ProvidersWeb has been designed so that once you do have all your policies and procedures in place, you can find out if we have any updates by going to My Account, and the clicking on My Account Activity, and then clicking on the Show updated documents only so you can review the updated documents in your personal repository.  

DocumentsSome ProvidersWeb documents I started 40 years ago, before ProvidersWeb existed, and some documents have been updated as much as 30 times over the years. 

I write the original draft of many of ProvidersWeb documents and then depending on the area of expertise needed it goes out to various members of our team. 

I am a national expert witness and I testify to what the laws, regulations and the standard of care is all over the nation.  In every case review care providers are getting sued.  Sometimes even the state agency gets sued too.  I do my best to create documents which help the provider stay in compliance while ensuring proper care is provided to each consumer/resident.  I have been in a wheelchair and a patient many times; and I was a “licensee” care provider for 20 years.  I have also been a responsible party, and a lobbyist etc... See my CV (resume).  I consider myself an advocate for improving resident/consumer care AND an advocate for care providers. 

Best Regards,
Diane Morrow, LNHA

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