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Staff Management > 12 Staff Training (96+ docs) > 01 Employee Orientation (22 docs)

01 Employee Orientation (22 docs)

Free Forms, caregiving, nursing forms, policies, Licensing, Training, Case Management, Home Care, Assisted Living, DD, MI, HCBS

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Documents in 01 Employee Orientation (22 docs) (22)

A complete checklist of policies, procedures and programs that must be completed by new employees and staff that work at a care facility business, including all types of community based residential care homes. Included are links to all related forms and documents.

The facility may need or want to make changes in this training program because of changes in the facility or the residents, or because review of the plan indicates improvements need to be made Time to complete each section will partially be based upon an individual's own ability to complete the task. Care Facility Employee Orientation Check Off List
This form is to help keep track of care facility support staff operations during a shift.  Used for Facility Managers, Maintenance Supervisors, Activity Directors, Housekeeping and even laundry support staff. Care Facility Support Staff Shift Report
This good sample Care Service Handbook is addendum number 2 to the admission agreement.  It details the various care services the facility would provide.

This handbook describes our Care Services.

We want you to fully understand how we provide care services at our Facility.   It is our responsibility to care for all the residents, and provide a safe working environment for the staff.  This manual contains narrative information about the care services we provide and our reasonable care service Care Service Handbook
This document has sample Cell Phone & VoiceMail policies for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, group homes and residential care homes for the mentally ill and developmentally disabled.  Be sure to check with your business attorney and the local state lcaws before using. 

Note: Every employee is to get copy and review it upon hiring.  Each employee is to sign a copy stating that they have read, understand and acknowledge receipt of this policy.  A copy shall be placed in the employee's file.

These cell phone and voice mail policies and procedures shall be reviewed at least once a year, and redistributed if any changes occur. A copy of this document is available in the office, during normal business hours.

We are increasing using technology at our business. More and more cell phones including smart phones will be used for communications.  All emails and Internet use shall follow this company's Email & Internet Policies and procedures. Cell Phone & VoiceMail Policy
This great form is used by an employee of a care facility to designate their choice of Doctor(s) to be used in case of an accident or injury.  This form should be filled out prior to an accident or injury.

To All Employees:

If you are hurt on the job you may designate your choice of personal physician or medical clinic, (that has your personal medical records), that you want to provide medical care in case of a work related injury.  Please complete the following:

I understand my right to designate... Designation of Physician Statement
This great document covers the caregivers obligation to help the people in their care to develop independence and autonomy and the legal ramifications of not ensuring that disabilities do not leave a person unreasonably vulnerable to danger, negligence or abuse. Duty of Care
E-mail and Internet Policies and Procedures for nursing homes, residential care facilities, assisted living communities and group homes.  Be sure to check with your business attorney and the local state laws before using. 

We are increasing using technology at our business. More and more communications will be transmitted via e-mail since it is an efficient way to do business. We have established the policies and procedures in this document to clearly define our company's requirements when it comes to email and Internet use. 

The following email and Internet policies and procedures shall be reviewed at least once a year, and redistributed if any changes occur. A copy of this document is available in the office, during normal business hours.

Test the staff's training and knowledge of what to do in case of an emergency using this emergency service test. Twenty-five questions.

17. If a resident has taken the wrong medication, what should you do?
18. If a resident has ingested something poisonous what should you do?
25. During the Head to Toe Survey, 15 body areas are checked, name the primary 4...: Emergency Service Test
This form is signed and dated by the employee acknowledging they have received and read the employee manual. Employee Manual Acknowledgement
Cover for section 12-A of the Staff Management Manual. Employee Orientation Cover
This complete and detailed form is used for keeping a record on start/termination dates, wages, training received and other necessary information that should be maintained in the employee's record at a care facility. Employee Record
This form must be signed by any care facility employee who declines to receive a Hepatitis B vaccination. Hepatitis B Declination Statement for Care Facilities FORM
This form is used to certify that a care facility employee has accepted the Hepatitis B immunization series. Hepatitis B Immunization Form
Informative article on hiring new staff employees.  Great advice for group homes for the developmentally disabled, community based care homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and residential care communities. HIRING NEW EMPLOYEES
Medical Exam Form for Commercial Drivers Medical Exam Form for Commercial Drivers
A form used for pre-employment physicals, includes sections for the Administrator, Applicant, and Physician to complete. Pre-Employment Health Screening Report
Every assisted living facility, skilled nursing home and residential care home employee needs to go through a structured employee orientation program.  A good employee orientaition program will cover the basics all employees need to comply with.  For example mandated reporting, accident and emergency procedures, hazardous material exposure, and universal precautions. RCF Employee Orientation ebook
A thorough check off list used for training staff of a Care Facility in resident rights.  Included are links to information on all rights.

Laws and Regulations:
~Architectural Barriers Act
~Patient Self Determination Act (PSDA)
~Americans with Disabilities Act
~Personal Rights - Resident Rights Part 1 Resident Rights - Staff Training Check Off List
In order to meet its obligations under federal law and the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 this business maintains a drug free workplace.  To help clarify our position, this business has adopted the following Marijuana Use Policy: Sample Marijuana Use Prohibited Employee Policy
This great document covers how to help the care business employee become familiar with their new work environment, other staff members,  facilities rules, and safety policies and procedures.  

Employee orientation is an important program to implement. Taking this step will help the employee become familiar with their new work environment.  It is also ideal for introducing the new employee to other staff members. The supervisor is given the opportunity for a one-on-one with the employee while assisting the trainer in teaching basic duties, facility rules, and safety policies. 

Orientation Checklists are perfect tools for insuring... Staff Orientation and Training Program
This document covers your job as supervisor to enforce the company's standards by setting a good example with a clear communication of these expectations to your employee.  

It is your responsibility, as a care service provider, to generate an atmosphere that promotes respect, support and understanding, in which the resident's needs and well-being is the first concern....While it may be impractical to list all elements of behavior that may or may not be acceptable, the following policy for rules of conduct shall apply: Standards of Employee Conduct
Gossip can lead to a reputation being ruined and is not to be taken lightly. Gossip can ruin a business. Gossip can also lead to bullying and picking on certain employees or even residents!  So how can gossip and bullying be reduced or eliminated?   Good management skills are needed. TESTING FOR GOSSIP & BULLYING - Staff Management Information
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