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Admissions > 03 Admission Agreements (53 docs) > 01 Admission Provisions (30 docs)

01 Admission Provisions (30 docs)

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Documents in 01 Admission Provisions (30 docs) (30)

The Admission Agreement is a legal and binding contract that spells out the terms and services for both the resident and the facility.  The resident and/or responsible party and a representative of the facility will need to accept the terms of the agreement. Acceptance of the Terms of this Agreement
The admission agreement will need to specify the type of room or unit the resident will reside in and whether or not the room or unit is shared.  This article gives examples which reflect various types of accommodations and provisions for changing units. Accommodations/Right to Change Units
A simple statement of activity type services is all that is usually required in the Admission Agreement.  Activities are one of the most important services to be provided. Activity Statement
Admission agreements are a legal and binding business contract.  The admission agreement legally specifies the specific services which will be provided and/or made available, and at what cost.  The language used is extremely important.  This form is designed to assist you in making sure the essential points are covered in your admission agreement. Admission Agreement Worksheet
Cover for section 3-01 of Admission Manual. Admission Provisions Cover
It is important that the care facility have provisions in its Admission Agreement regarding the care services that the resident will receive.  This article gives examples of care service provisions while stressing the importance of: the Pre-admission Appraisal Form, the Physicians Report, and the Levels of Care Assessment Form, which should reflect the same type of care service provisions as indicated in the Admission Agreement. Care Services
Points to consider when deciding whether to charge residents board and care fees on a monthly or daily basis. Charging by the Day
The provider may choose to give a resident a discount if he/she has been absent from the facility for a period of time and the room is being held.  This provision should be addressed in the admission agreement. Discounts and Time Out of the Facility
This type of provision is used in agreements for the facility's protection.  This declares that all other documents that have been included with the admission agreement shall be considered part of the admission agreement. Incorporation of Other Documents
In the Admission Agreement, an Indemnity Statement
In any legal contract the provisions for determining legal fees should be included.  This document gives an example provision of what should be included in the admission agreement. Legal Action
The facility will need to make sure the notice for Moves Due to Medical Reasons
The Federal Government states that no type of dwelling for rent, or care type of institution can discriminate against a person for any reason.  This article contains an example provision regarding non-discrimination. Non-Discrimination
You are responsible for the service you state in the admission agreement that you will provide such as Observation
Excerpt: An addendum is an addition to an original document.  A care facility may find it necessary to add an addendum to offer additional services to an admission agreement. Optional Services Policy for Community Based Care
During the admission process the resident and/or respsonsible party must read the admission agreement with a designated staff member.  These are the parties to the admission agreement and all parties must sign the admission agreement and agree to adhere to the agreement and provisions. Parties to the Admission Agreement
The date the payment is due is a required part of an agreement. The due date is usually the first of the month.  By enforcing late payment charges (as allowed by law), this helps to insure that payments are received by the due date. Payment, Due Date, Late Charges
Many licensing agencies require sixty days written notice to the resident and/or responsible party prior to increasing a rate set forth in an admission agreement. Rate Changes
If the resident's need for care increases, a change in the Level of Care Service may be warranted.  These costs must be specified in the admission agreement. Reassessment Provisions
Policy and Procedures. There should be refund conditions stated in any care facility admission agreement regarding discharge and/or termination of the agreement.  This document is a sample of refund conditions set forth in a residential care facility's admission agreement. Refund Conditions, Discharges & Termination of Agreement Residential Care Assisted Living
Respite Care is relief care or short-term care, usually less than a month in duration.  Many facilities offer Respite Services.  The admission agreement for Respite Care Services should specifically address the time period, which the respite care is for. Respite Care
A provision specifying twenty-four hour staffing is usually required.  In addition, facilities accommodating more than 6 residents are usually required to have a signal system. Security
This form insures the resident know of their rights to medical record privacy.

The federal law protects the Right to Privacy.  The Medical Records Confidentiality Act of 1995 ensures that all 50 states adopt a uniform policy for protecting the confidentiality of medical records. State's Authority to Review the Resident's Record
This great article has a sample provision to include in the admissions agreement for support services. Support Services
Examples of terms and conditions that may appear in an Admission Agreement of a care facility. Terms and Conditions
A form that should be signed upon admission as an acknowledgment of the Theft and Loss Policies for community care facilities. Theft and Loss Policies (Form)
A care facility has certain legal responsibilities for the resident, which can include overseeing the services provided by a third-party provider such as a physician, home health nurse, or a therapist. For residential care homes for the elderly, assisted living communities, and other types of community based care homes. Third Party Providers
Transportation services can vary.  Free routine transportation for shopping is normally the rule.  The issue of compensation for transportation usually revolves around cases where the resident must be escorted to medical and dental appointments.  This article gives examples of transportation forms and of what different states may allow a facilty to charge for such transportation. Transportation
Almost all facilities are required to pay for basic utility services.  However, since this is a rental agreement, a provision for utilities may need to be added.  This article has a sample provision for utilities. Utilities
This article covers the importance to establish visiting policies for the care facility and a resident's rights to have a visitor before or after established hours. Visiting Hours
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