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Emergency Services > 03 Accident Incident Injury Reports (15 docs)

03 Accident Incident Injury Reports (15 docs)

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Documents in 03 Accident Incident Injury Reports (15 docs) (16)

A form used to investigate accidents or exposure in community based care facilities and assisted living communities. Accident Exposure Investigation Analysis
This document contains the information we are required to document per state regulations.  The Administrator of the residential care home or assisted living facility may have additional Risk Management forms to complete. This document contains information on these reports, sample policies and procedures, and helpful forms.

Anytime an accident or injury of a resident or employee occurs, no matter how slight, it must be reported to the person on duty, in charge.  An Accident Incident Injury Policy for Residential Care and Assisted Living Facilities
A form used in community based care homes and various types of assisted living facilities to report accidents, incidents, and/or injury to an employee. Accident Incident Injury Report Form - Employee
This great form is used by various types of community based care facilities to report an accident, incident, and/or injury to a resident. This detailed form takes the care provider step-by-step through essential information needed when this type of occurrence takes place.  This form also contains recheck information.  

If the accident, incident or injury causes a legal action to be filed, then the information on this form could be very instrumental in showing the steps the care provider took after the event to ensure for the resident's well being. Accident Incident Injury Report Form - Resident Community Care Homes Assisted Living
This informational document explains the need for reporting accidents, incidents and/or injuries that requires medical attention.  

Residential Care Assisted Living Facilities differ from nursing homes in that, in a nursing home or hospital, the medical professional is giving his or her medical opinion.  Care Providers in our industry are considered non-medical, and therefore, caregivers should not speculate on the resident's condition... Accident Incident Injury Reports
Cover for Section 3 of the Emergency Service Manual which covers accident, incidents and injuries. Accident Incident Injury Reports Cover
www.isri.org's Accident Investigation Guide.  This free document provides excellent suggestions and techniques for all types of care homes and businesses to follow when conducting an investigation. Accident Investigation Guide
A form designed to help investigate an auto accident, helpful for a risk management investigation. Useful for all types of care businesses and care facilities. Auto Accident Report
This form is used by residential care facilities, group homes, homes for the mentally ill and developmentally disabled residential homes' staff in cases where the resident is transferred out in during an emergency situation to the hospital. Check off Emergency Transfer List Emergency Care Transfer Form for Residential Care, Assisted Living and Community Care Homes
A form used by a Residential Care or Adult Assisted Living Facility to correspond with the resident's physician regarding any changes in a resident's condition. Facility to Physician Notes
A form used to advise others of incidents that may be unusual and warrant consideration. For community based care homes. Incident Advisory
A form used to track communication and phone calls regarding incidents that concern the care business or care facility in general. Incident Call and Communication Log - Company
A form used by a Care Facility or Care Business to track communication and phone calls regarding accidents, incidents and/or injuries that concern a resident. Incident Call and Communication Log - Resident
A detailed information form for staff to use when a resident or client is missing.  A form to give to the police by care facility staff. Helpful document for care home staff to report a missing person.  Check list of questions to ask and information to gather in the event a resident goes missing from a care facility. Missing Person Report
This form is used when sending a resident to an Urgent Care Facility due to a sudden change in their condition. Urgent Care Form
This document deals with the procedures to follow when a resident is in need of urgent care.

Urgent care is the term used when a resident is not in need of immediate attention but may need to see a doctor within a few hours.   Examples: mild fever of 101 degrees, severe migraine, small cuts or injuries that don't need emergency care, rashes, etc. 

PLAN OF ACTION: Steps 1 - 6

1. Take vital signs; write them down on the Urgent Care Procedures
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