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00 Pre-Admission (22 docs)

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Documents in 00 Pre-Admission (22 docs) (22)

List of items that are required in order for the resident to be eligible for admittance to a care facility. Admission Criteria
CA Preadmission Appraisal Form - fill out and save online form CA Preadmission Appraisal Form - fill out online form
Some states require a nurse or a social worker to conduct the pre-admission appraisal and determine the resident's level of care.  Even if this is the case in most states each care facility is required to conduct their own pre-admission appraisal.  

Case Manager's Pre-Assessments:
Some states require a nurse or a social worker to conduct the pre-admission appraisal and determine the resident's level of care. The ability to pay for the level of services is also determined. If the resident needs to receive state funding, a case manager is assigned and will usually handle the placement in a facility. This is often the procedure for placing residents in homes for the Developmentally Disabled. Even if this is the case, conduct your own Pre-Admission Appraisal Assessment Form, or use The Levels of Care Assessment Form.

The facility is the entity that assumes the greatest liability. The facility is ultimately responsible for meeting the resident's physical health needs.... Case Manager's Pre-Assessments
If the facility decides to charge for a pre-assessment evaluation, and it is legal to do so per state law, then it's recommended that an agreement be made so the prospective resident understands and agrees to the pre-admission appraisal fee.  This should be obtained first from the resident and/or responsible party in a written agreement. In some states the Pre-Admission process is prepared by the placement caseworker.  Normally, they will not ask the facility to complete one.

Pre-Admission Appraisals - provide the following information: Charging for Pre-Admission Appraisals
Showing visitors the facility should be handled tactfully.  Personnel, who may attend to this duty, must be familiar with the facility's procedures.  A potential customer may visit any time during normal business hours.  The staff person in charge is usually the one that provides the tour. RCFE, RCF, ALF Conducting a Tour for Community Care Facilities, and Assisted Living Homes
If not prohibited by state law you may obtain a Credit Application for Residency and Services.  This type of form is typically used by community based care facilities, assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Credit Application for Residency and Services
The general rules of the Confidentiality of Information Act prohibit the dissemination of records to unauthorized persons.  This great article covers obtaining permission to access the resident's medical records by using a Release of Records Form. 

This clause gives you some authorization to get information, however, most health care providers will require a written authorization form. These types of forms are getting much more... Getting Access to Resident Records Including HIV
The best way to help a person make wise decisions when it comes to selecting a care community is to make sure the potential resident has reliable information about the services the community provides. This article covers how to obtain as much information about the potential resident as possible during a tour and a check list of what information to provide. Helping to Make Informed Decisions
Examples of what the different rates might be for different levels of care. Levels of Care Rate Example
This great article addresses the importance of using the Pre-Admission Appraisal Form and the Levels of Care Form when admitting a resident to a Residential Care Facility. Pre-Admission Appraisal & Levels of Care Forms - Case Management & Facility Management
Cover for section 6 of the Admissions Manual. Pre-Admission Cover
This sample Resident-Pharmacy Agreement is used to specify which pharmacy the resident and/or responsible party has elected.  It also contains other important pharmacy agreement information. Resident - Pharmacy Agreement
Resident Inquiry Form - this form is used to track a potential resident admission, and to check on your marketing program's effectiveness. Resident Inquiry Form
Often it is difficult to satisfy each resident's particular dietary desires.  The form entitled Resident's Food Likes and Dislike Form will help the dietary service personnel of a Residential Care Facility understand what the resident's likes and dislikes may be. Resident's Food Likes & Dislikes Form (Info)
GAO's report on RESIDENTS WHO ARE SEX OFFENDERS - Long-Term Care Facilities: Information on Residents Who Are Registered Sex Offenders or Are Paroled for Other Crimes RESIDENTS WHO ARE SEX OFFENDERS
Providers need to ensure all aspects of the pre-admission process are being handled properly.  If a prospective resident isn't screened properly, the facility can increase the risk of liability and the results could be disastrous for both the facility and the resident. This article covers how to screen according to a facility's ability to care. Selection of Facilities
Information for a care facility regarding a resident's ability to test his/her own blood sugar levels and administer injections of insulin.  This article explains the use of the following forms:  Resident's Ability to Test His/Her own Glucose Levels - Blood Sugar and Resident Ability to Self Administer Insulin Injection. Self Administered Injections
This document covers the basics about self-administered PRN medications. Anytime a resident of a care facility takes a medication Self Administered PRN's
Before the actual admission of a resident to the care facility, the Physician's Report or the Health Physical as required by the state must be completed by the resident's physician prior to admission.  The form should also be updated as the resident's needs change.  The standard is to at least update the Physician's Report annually in assisted living facilities, RCFE's, and other community based care homes.

Before the actual admission, the Physician's Report should be reviewed and checked for mistakes. Make sure the physician has completed the form properly and has signed a statement on the document that says something like: The Physician's Report
The requirements for admission vary from state to state.  Some states have legally required forms for admission.  This article contains an overview of the pre-admission and admission process. The Pre-Admission, Admission Process
When someone comes in to tour the care business, the facility staff person who completes the pre-admission appraisal, levels of care form, and reviews the physician's report, usually knows if the prospective resident is a The Right Thing - Resident Care
Occasionally, because of distance, it may not be possible to conduct a pre-admission interview of a potential resident to the care facility.  This article discusses the various courses of action that may be taken and includes links to related forms.

Never take someone When Distance is a Problem - Interviewing and Pre-Admission
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