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"I have been involved in Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facility Administration for over 30 years. I LOVE your website- the info is easy to use, and comprehensive. I typically write all of my own policies, procedures, forms etc. but since finding and joining Providers Web...I have so much more time to Direct our Operations....We have 7 licensed Homes for the Aged, Assisted Living Homes in the state of Michigan - a total of +/- 700 older persons, many with diagnoses of dementia. Just wanted to say thank you for making this information available, at such a reasonable cost!"

Kathleen Garfield Sharkey
Director of Operations
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Business Essentials > 15 Articles of Interest (117 docs)

15 Articles of Interest (117 docs)

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Documents in 15 Articles of Interest (117 docs) (121)

Article with suggestions for surviving a recession and keeping your business successful.  

11. Build Your Team - Retaining good staff can save you a lot of money (see Team Building).  It cost a lot to advertise, recruit and train new staff.  Ways to keep your current staff:
  a. Listen to them.  If they bring up a problem deal with it ASAP.
  b. Do team building activities - parties, dinners, card games, bowling leagues, etc. have been proven to make staff more satisfied.

12. Keep Your Residents Healthy - keeping your residents in good health will add to your bottom line since this equates to lower vacancies. 12 Ways to Recession Business Success
Survey for subscribing members to give feedback. 2007 Subscribing Member Survey
An article regarding the arrest of a Doctor and two Nurses in the Katrina Euthanasia case. A Doctor and Two Nurses Accused of Euthanasia
ACCCEs Regulation and "How to" Manual Subscriptions
An individual has a ?disability? under the ADA if he or she has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, including major bodily functions such as the functions of the immune system; has a record of such an impairment; or has an actual or perceived mental or physical impairment that is not transitory and minor and is subjected to an action prohibited under the ADA. ADA and Persons with HIV/AIDS
Alternatives to Nursing Homes  from Medicare, excerpt:
Before you make any decisions about long term care, get as much information as you can about where you might live and what help you may need. A nursing home may not be your only choice. Discharge planners and social workers in hospitals, nursing homes, and home health agencies can explain your options and help arrange your care. Alternatives to Nursing Homes
Admission Agreements in assisted, residential care, and community based care facilities differ from nursing home admission agreements in every US State.  Whereas Skilled Nursing Homes ARBITRATION AND ADMISSION AGREEMENTS
A copy of the actual arrest warrant in the Katrina Euthanasia case. Arrest Warrant - Orleans Criminal District Court
This free document contains important information for Administrators to help them prepare an emergency flu plan for their care business.  Important CDC information and links are provided. Attention Administrators - Prepare for the Swine Flu
A study of the near death experience. AWARE - Study on the Dying Process
A free article regarding Americans with Disabilities Act basic information to comply with barrier free living conditions. Basic ADA Barrier Free Compliance
This free article addresses what it takes to be a business visionary. Being a Business Visionary
A free list to write down things that you are blessed for not having, such as, I am blessed with no unpaid bills or no sick family members. Blessed With No...
Information you need to know before thinking about building your own residential care facility. Building a Building
from the California Department of Health Services. California Hospital Bioterrorism Response Planning Guide
California's  New 80-Hour Administrator Certification Training Recommendations for 2015. California's New 80-Hour Administrator Certification Training Recommendations
How to appeal California's state licensing agency after an inspection of your Residential Care or Assisted Living Facility. California's Appeal Process
This is a graph from the state of California which shows the process of an appeal for Residential Care and Assisted Living Facilities. California's Inspection Graph
Many a care provider is grumbling about California's new law, which requires Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly California's New Eviction Laws For RCFE's - Assisted Living
A free document of a legal case regarding the taking of a care facility by the State of California Department of Transportation Right-of-Way Division.  

It took 14 years to come to fruition.  It all began in 1990 when an appraiser from the Department of Transportation visited my care facility and told me there was a good possibility they were going to build Highway 4 through my care home.  He also thought maybe they could just take the back half of the building.   My facility was... CalTrans vs. Gracewood Manor - a Case of Eminent Domain
Can you pass this Care Facility Administraotr's test, are you up to our challenge?  If you don't know all the answers to these questions, you may want to become a member of the ProvidersWeb.com WE HAVE THE ANSWERS. If our ProvidersWeb's staff doesn't know we will find out. Care Facility Administrator's Test
A free article about helping the environment.  

By now we have all heard of Care Homes Going Green
Article from the CDC on H1N1 Flue symptoms. CDC H1N1 Flu - What to do if you get flu-like symptoms
Free information on CMS new 5 star rating system for nursing homes.  

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid announced it will soon launch a ground-breaking ranking system of America's nursing homes, giving each a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services - New 5 Star Rating System
The importance of charging residents for the essential care provided.  

Caring was my ministry and ministries typify giving and not receiving.  However, over the years, I learned I needed to make a profit and a decent one at that.

In business you have many bills that absolutely must be paid and many people counting on you.  If you have employees, they are counting on you to pay them decent wages and benefits.  The residents are expecting good food, electricity, enough care assistance to meet their needs, activities and so on.  Your personal needs are just as important, like supporting your family decently, having something saved for emergencies, and to save for retirement.   However, profit can never compromise care!

Several years ago I had an awful incident at my facility, which greatly illustrates the need for making sure you are charging for care provided.  One day... Charging for Care Provided
Free information on Citations giving to California Nursing Homes in 2007. Citation Report California Nursing Homes 2007
This is a Colorado state article relating to deficiencies and Plans of Correction for Residential Care and Assisted Living Facilities. Colorado Citing Deficiencies and Plans of Correction
A free article on how to create boundaries when communicating with others.  

In most nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and residential community care facilities the Administrators will tell you they end up spending more time with the families and staff, than the residents.  Family members often feel guilty about not taking care of their loved one at home, so they end up spending a lot of time expressing their feelings to the administrator or facility manager.  Sometimes they are just lonely family members that want somebody's attention.

Residents usually catch the... Communication Boundaries
Free FEMA article regarding communicating effectively. Communication is a Two-Way Process
This free article is helpful for new and current owners of a care facility to insure that his/her administrators and facility managers are doing his/her job.  It was created to give some basic advise on how to conduct a quick care home business review. Conducting a Business Check Up
The article covers the different types of investigations care facility administrators and owners may need to conduct.  It links to multiple forms and documents which are helpful management tools for residential care, assisted living and nursing home businesses. Conducting Investigations
DHS Study of Negotiated Risk Agreements in Assisted Living, includes a sample agreement. DHS Study of Negotiated Risk Agreements in Assisted Living
No doubt every care facility operator has heard of the tragic deaths of 34 residents at St. Rita, a nursing home hit hard by Katrina. The owners Mable and Salvador Mangano were charged with 34 counts of negligent homicide. Disaster Abandonment - A New Type of Abuse
A free quick list of communicable diseases with helpful links. 

Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) - is a type of bacteria that is resistant to certain antibiotics. These antibiotics include methicillin and other more common antibiotics such as oxacillin, penicillin and amoxicillin. Staph infections, including MRSA, occur most frequently... Disease Quick List
Does Assisted Living and Residential Care Insurance Cover In-House Licensed Nursing Care?  As America ages as a nation we need more care homes and we really need a more economic way of providing care.  Several states across the nation including Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Colorado and California allow nurses to perform certain medical tasks in non-medical residential community care facilities ?community care homes?.   These facilities can include assisted living facilities, board and care homes, group homes, elderly residential care and various type of home and community based residential programs.  The care for residents and clients that are elderly, mentally ill and developmentally disabled. Does Assisted Living and Residential Care Insurance Cover In-House Licensed Nursing Care?
A great free document on the legal considerations and responsiblilities to consider when implementing a dress code in the workplace. Useful information for care businesses.

There is an old saying, Dress Codes - Legal Consideration and Responsibilities
Drugs are being found in our nations tap water, why is this happening? Drugs in Tap Water
A fun activity for residents of any type of care facility. Easy to Grow Herb Garden
A free excerpt from Evidence of the Soul
Lanterman Act (Division 4.5 of the Welfare and Institutions Code) mandates the
Department of Developmental Services (DDS) to ?contract with an appropriate private nonprofit corporation or corporations to operate regional centers??i 

The regional center system has grown and evolved from two regional centers in 1969 serving fewer than a thousand clients to 21 regional centers serving more than 259,000 consumers and their families. 

Regional center staff perform outreach and community education, intake and
assessment, eligibility determination, resource development, and on-going case
management services. They also vendor and pay the thousands of organizations and individuals who provide services to regional center consumers. Executive Summary Funding California's Regional Centers
A survey to the article Finger Form
A free article covering stress and how to destress. Included is a helpful and interesting link.

Caregivers take on a lot of stress, some of it being built into the job.  When we have agreed to take on the job of caring for another person, we have agreed to be responsible for their health and welfare, and that situation causes some stress. Getting Out of Stressed Out
A free article on the importance of setting goals and creating good quality services for residential, assisted living, community based care and nursing homes. Goals, Goals and More Goals
A free article regarding things your community care facility can do to help the environment. Going Green - Part Two
A fun activity for residents of any type of care facility. Harvesting Herbs
Consumers and advocates must be knowledgeable about this rule and advocate to ensure your state implements this rule in a way that helps consumers and the important workers who provide services to them and does not cause unintended harms, such as cuts to services, dismantling of programs that allow consumers to control their own care, or further limiting this critical workforce. HCBS Joint Employer with the State
A great article regarding the future of America's health care compiled from newly released federal reports.  

If you don't think the future of health affects your future, think again.  The future of health care will affect every person in America.   Recently, several important federal reports were released.  Topping the list is the... Health Care's Future - The Federal Reports
A fun activity for residents of any type of care facility. Herbs and Their Uses
A free article regarding how to tell if someone is lying to you by body language, facial expressions, etc.  

Liars also avoid lying by not making direct statements.  They will imply an answer, without answering it directly.  Liars also use sarcasm and humor to cover their lies.  

Emotions - liars don't usually get as upset... How to Tell a Liar
Huge Changes Ahead for Community Based Care Industry excerpt:
In my opinion many of California?s new reformation laws for residential care and assisted living facilities will no doubt trickle through the other states. Things like mandatory liability insurance and the resident council members getting to go on state inspections will have major influence on things to come in the industry.  Below are the bills we feel will have the most significant impact:

California RCFE Reform Act Bills Huge Changes Ahead for Community Based Care Industry
A free article to help ones-self or employees with self-esteem. This article can also be used in group exercises.

Personal growth comes from changes, and positive changes improve self-esteem.  However, change is often uncomfortable and that is why we often wait for life to knock us down before we change.  Below we have listed some steps you can take to increase your self-esteem and make positive changes.... Improving Self-Esteem
This is a form from the state of Indiana used to survey the personal care received by residents of a Residential Care and Assisted Living Facility. Indiana Personal Care Survey
A collection of Quotes relating to work. Inspirational Work Quotes
A free article dealing with how to inspire others to be the best they can be.  

With the shortage of personal care aides residential care, nursing homes and assisted living facilities face, you need to use all the tools you can muster to keep and recruit staff.  Inspiration is a great tool.  Psychologists have found people will take less pay if they feel... Inspiring Others
There are attorneys that now specialize and target assisted living, residential care and community care homes.  These attorneys are making their living full time doing nothing but suing care facilities.  What are they suing them for?  There are two basic types of lawsuits.  One is for breech of duty of care. The other type is labor lawsuits.  This article explains the current lawsuit trend against assisted living facilities, resideintial care facilities, adult residential and other community based care homes. Lawyers Target Residential Care Homes
Good leadership helps to make your staff happy and your business profitable.  This informative document gives detailed information for administrators and facility managers for all types of community care facilities as well as nursing homes and hospitals. Leadership Completely Makes the Difference
Free information about using various tools at your disposal for being an effective leader when running a Residential Care, Assisted Living or Nursing Home Facility.  

Your Personal Part
Be personally and sacrificially committed.  You can plan and carry out great things if you believe in what you are doing.  As a general rule, teachers-leaders teach more by what they do than by what they say.  Your traits as a leader need to include:.... Leadership Tools for the Job for Care Facility Administrators and Facility Managers
Free information - Providing Staff Training and Care Services for Lesbians, Gays, Bi-Sexual, Transgender Residents, LGBT = Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender LGBT in All Care Facilities
Reprinted with permission from the University of Georgia.
Andress, E, Harrison, J. (1999). Consumer's Guide: Preparing an Emergency Food Supply. Athens, GA: University of Georgia, Cooperative Extension Service. Long Term Food Storage
Free pdf checklist from http://www.pandemicflu.gov/ Long-Term Care and Other Residential Facilities Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist
A free article covering how to learn to lead others by a loving example. 

Where you lead they will follow.  You can create a loving environment but it takes leading by love.   Love is a choice, it's your choice to give it and accept it back.  For those in charge of caring for others, leading by love is the only way to provide care.  Those that care, share of themselves and give their energy freely away to others, but healthy balanced individuals understand the wisdom of... Loving Leadership
The importance of recognizing a resident's autonomy, and respecting his/her wishes.   

There are some who say the customer is the resident's family, responsible party or case worker, however the true customer is the resident.  After all, without the resident there would be no business.  In fact, the healthier and happier you keep your residents, the longer they will stay, and the less vacancies you will have to fill.

It is essential that before you accept a resident for admission, you need to... Meeting Resident Autonomy
A free article regarding team meetings which help to boost the employee's morale.  

In a recent game show called the Power of 10, the question was asked, Meetings Boost Morale
A suggested closing for a Memorial Service to be held at the facility.   

I want to thank every one of you for coming and sharing in the celebration of _____'s life and crossing over.   I hope my words today shed some light for you regarding the eternal soul.  

In closing I would like to share an excerpt from a 2000-year-old Hymn with you entitled:... Memorial Service Closing
A suggested opening for a Memorial Service to be held at the facility.   

_______ was a good husband, father and grandfather. We know he loved his family.   
He was a good friend, worked hard to support his family and loved God in his own way.  
More about his life, as acquired from the family Memorial Service Opening
Sometimes it is important for the resident's family, staff, and friends to hold a Memorial Service at the Care Facility. This is a free article on helping the family with funeral plans and conducting a memorial service at the facility. Memorial Services
A free article regarding the need for insurance coverage for the operator of a mobility scooter.   

A good mobility scooter insurance policy will cover both the scooter itself and any damage or injury to a third party.  The coverage for the scooter means that if you have a... Mobility Scooter Insurance Coverage
A free article covering the issue of Safety vs. Independence with the use of mobility scooters and possible lawsuits due to injury.   

However, those laws don't supersede the care provider's duty to make sure everyone is safe.  Already there have been lawsuits against care facilities alleging that.... Mobility Scooter Safety vs. Independence
Free New 2016 End of Life Law California New 2016 End of Life Law California
This free article addresses reviewing goals and plans for the new year for all types of care home businesses.  Good resource for homes for the elderly, mentally ill and developmentally disabled. 

The New Year, New Plan
A free article on setting goals when making New Year's resolutions, and setting up plans to make them work. Great information for community based care facilities. New Year's Resolutions & Goals
A free article regarding policy and procedures for Live-In Caregivers.   

I hope the owners of the thousands of 6 bed facilities do not overtax their Live-in personnel.  Accidents and injuries are more likely to occur if staff is over worked, plus quality and your reputation can be reduced or damaged.  Owners should be fair and create a good Live-In On Duty policy that spells out clearly... Night Time for Live-In Caregivers
Unless the State Licensing Agency employs RN inspectors the licensed nurses? medical care provided in non-medical community care settings will be left unsupervised.   I don?t know about you, but if my mom was in a non-medical community care home and nurses were providing her medical care, I would want the state inspector to be a Registered Nurse so they could check on the care the licensed nurses were providing. Nurses Need To Be Monitored By Nurses
OSHA Personal Protective Equipment Employee Enforcement Guidelines

The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued this Enforcement Guidance for Personal Protective Equipment in General Industry in February.  

This is a directive that provides employees with instructions for determining whether employers have complied with OSHA personal protective equipment (PPE) standards. This is a free document that all care homes should review. OSHA Personal Protective Equipment Employee Enforcement Guidelines
A free article on what should and what should not be kept in an employee's file. Personnel Files What's In What's Not
What items should not be kept in an employee's file. Personnel Record Exceptions - the What's Not
This free article is about how policies made by licensing are not always the law.  

Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly, Developmentally Disabled, Mentally Ill and Group Homes may be faced with a State Inspector that is enforcing and issuing a citation for a policy, which does not have the enforcement of the law.  First, I want to make it clear that some Policies Are Not the Law
A list of positive things to do when learning to be a Positive Things for Leaders to Learn
A fun activity for residents of any type of care facility. Preserving Herbs
Free highlights of the Privacy Act. Privacy Act Highlights
Source: Adapted from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
Psychological Outcome Severity 2006 Instructors Guide that was designed to help surveyors determine severity of psychosocial outcomes resulting from noncompliance. Psychological Outcome Severity Guidelines
Source: Adapted from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
Psychological Outcome Severity 2006 Instructors Guide that was designed to help surveyors determine severity of psychosocial outcomes resulting from noncompliance.  Answers to the questions from the guide. Psychological Outcome Survey Answers
RCFs and Working With Home Health - this article was written for California, but good to know for all states.

In California there are two very important laws for Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly RCFs and Working With Home Health
The truth about referral agencies, and the costs to providers and consumers. A good article about the real cost of referral agencies to assisted living facilities, group homes, residential care facilities and the consumers. Referral Agencies - The Paying Truth
By Diane Morrow, LNHA, Author, Educator, Expert, PAST 49 bed RCFE Owner
I think a nuclear bomb may be dropped on the assisted living industry in California.  We can prevent this from happening but only if everyone helps and takes action.  As many as 1000 small care homes which are small businesses could be put out of business if we don?t stop the RCFE Reform and plan accordingly to fix the problems with RCFEs.  Advocacy groups are calling for the laws governing RCFEs to be reformed, but passing 14 new RCFE (Residential Care for the Elderly, also called Assisted Living) laws governing these facilities is not the answer.  
Please note: This document is the personal opinion of Diane Morrow and does not necessarily reflect the sentiments of ProvidersWeb nor its members.  This document is brought to you by A LOVING HEART SENIOR CARE (Los Angeles & Ventura County) REFORM RCFE REFORM
This great article explains the meaning of respite care in a facility.  

I have always enjoyed providing respite care services at my facility.  It gave me a chance to show off the quality of my facility's services, and helped build my reputation. Respite Care Article
Free article regarding the retention of residents.  There are ways you can keep your residents longer - this free document shares essential information on how to make your residents happier.

Be sure to make each resident feel special on his/her birthday, most facilities at least have a monthly birthday party.  A card and gift is a great way to acknowledge a resident?s birthday.   The Administrator or Top Management can get a little gift and birthday card for each resident and make their day more special by giving it to them personally.  You can buy an inexpensive gift and card at the local dollar store.  Good inexpensive gifts include... Retention Rates - Keeping Your Residents
A free article regarding residents' safety.  

What is your plan for resident safety?  There are several different areas that must have safety policies and procedures in place.   If the staff isn't using proper safety procedures then they could injure a resident or his/her self.  If the kitchen isn't... Safety Awareness - What is Your Plan?
USA Small Business Administration information and online training links for Care Facilities and Home Based Care Businesses SBA Business Training helpful for Care Facilities and Home Based Care Businesses
A free article regarding a person's finger length and what it might mean to his/her health. Scientific Research on Finger Length Linked to Health Problems
This article was written by David Tabone and John Cahoon of Providers-Edge Properties, a division of Sunbelt Advisors, Inc. Selling California's RCF's
A free article about sex and older adults in care homes, including abuse, legal issues, and sexual preferences.

In recent research from the University of Chicago, sex researcher Edward Laumann, said most people think people stop having sex at some point during their aging process. However, his research demonstrated that in the elderly 87 % of men and 65 % of woman still felt sex was important.  In that same research, 1 out of every 7 men... Sex and Care Giving
Reprinted with permission from the University of Georgia.
Andress, E, Harrison, J. (1999). Consumer's Guide: Preparing an Emergency Food Supply. Athens, GA: University of Georgia, Cooperative Extension Service. Short Term Food Storage
Update on on St. Rita's Trial due to Hurricane Katrina. St. Rita's Trial Update
Questions answered regarding starting a 6-bed care facility.  


Dear Diane,
I live in central California and my mom and I are interested in starting a RCFE.  She is an RN and has worked in nursing homes and currently in an Alzheimer's living center facility. We have both attained our Administrators' Licenses.  But going through the 40 hour required course and talking to different people has raised several questions for us. We are wondering if a 6-bed facility can... Starting a 6-Bed Facility
A free article regarding having emergency supplies on hand. Stocking Up on Emergency Supplies
Reprinted with permission from the University of Georgia.
Andress, E, Harrison, J. (1999). Consumer's Guide: Preparing an Emergency Food Supply. Athens, GA: University of Georgia, Cooperative Extension Service. Storing Water Supplies
Summer 2015 Community Care Licensing News Summer 2015 Community Care Licensing News California
A free article for Supervisor's regarding reasonable suspicion of an employee that is using drug and/or alcohol.   

When you get paid to supervise or care for others, there is an implied obligation to protect residents and staff they supervise.  If someone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol then in most cases, they are considered mentally impaired; and for the safety of others need to be relieved of their duties.  If the Supervisor has Supervisor's Reasonable Suspicion of Drug & Alcohol Use
Free updated information on the Swine Flu. Swine Flu Update
This article deals with civil penalties in the state of Texas as they relate to Residential Care and Assisted Living Facilities. Texas Civil Penalties
Free Booklet: Texas Guide to Adult Guardianship Texas Guide to Adult Guardianship
TAO Wisdom by Derek Lin.  Reprinted with appreciation from:
http://www.taoism.net/living/2007/200703.htm The Dream of the Butterfly
free article onthe positive effects of being a The Grateful Leader
This article discusses the legal ramifications of not documenting correctly. The Legal Aspects of Documentation
Inspirational Story. The Winning Teams
Tips for dealing with different cultures. Tips for Advocates Working in Diverse Communities
An article by Diane Morrow, LNHA, which describes the tools needed to be a strong leader in business. Tools of the Strong Leader
Information as of May 4th, 2009 on the amount of Swine Flu cases per state. U.S. Human Cases of H1N1 "Swine Flu" Infections
The enforcement rules for the state of Virginia as they relate to Residential Care and Assisted Living Facilities. Virginia Assisted Living Enforcement Rules
A free article on why volunteers make a big difference in the lives of our residents. Volunteers Do Make A Difference
A free article regarding greeting people who may enter your facility. 

Perception is the process of processing the information we take in through our senses, be it our sense of hearing, seeing, smelling, reading body language and interpreting their words.  It's our human nature to want to be communicating well with those we come in contact with.   We want our ?perception? to be correct.  If you are organized the preception data visitors take in will be positive. Welcoming People into your Community
A free article regarding your residents with diabetes, with related links and information. What are You Doing for Your Diabetics?
A free article regarding bioterrorism. 

Terrorists may use biological agents because they can be extremely difficult to detect and do not cause illness for several hours to several days. Some bioterrorism agents, like the smallpox virus, can be spread from person to person and some, like anthrax, can not.

Bioterrorism Agent Categories

Bioterrorism agents can be separated into three categories, depending on how easily they can be spread and the severity of illness or death they cause. Category A agents are.... What is Bioterrorism?
Article on Bioterrorism from the Center for Disease Control (www.cdc.gov) What is Bioterrorism?
A free article on NPI and why. What is the New Number? NPI - National Provider Identifier
A free article that explains the need of proper assessments when admitting a new resident.  

As a Consultant, I would venture to say at least 75% of the lawsuits I have been involved with could have been prevented by proper pre-screening assessment. 

Stop, and take time to evaluate. I know how busy working in a care facility can be. There can be a ton of things to do, but take the time... What Kind of Person Are You Caring For?
Who is Responsible for the Deaths of the 8 Residents of Hollywood Hills?  The nursing home?  The City?  The State?  The Power Company? Who is Responsible for the Deaths of the 8 Residents of Hollywood Hills?
An inspirational story. Working in Concert
The pitfalls of dating in the workplace with free information on having policies in place to protect your business from potential lawsuits.

When people work together a lot it is easy for close personal bonds to be formed, and that can lead to a romantic attraction.  Dating among employees can lead to problems such as claims of favoritism, conflicts of interest, or if the relationship goes sour it could even lead to..... Workplace Dating
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