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Business Essentials > 10 Quality Assurance - Risk Management (QA-RM) (86 docs) > 02 Administrator's Reviews/Reports (31 docs)

02 Administrator's Reviews/Reports (31 docs)

Free Forms, caregiving, nursing forms, policies, Licensing, Training, Case Management, Home Care, Assisted Living, DD, MI, HCBS

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Documents in 02 Administrator's Reviews/Reports (31 docs) (31)

A form used in community based care homes and various types of assisted living facilities to report accidents, incidents, and/or injury to an employee. Accident Incident Injury Report Form - Employee
This great form is used by various types of community based care facilities to report an accident, incident, and/or injury to a resident. This detailed form takes the care provider step-by-step through essential information needed when this type of occurrence takes place.  This form also contains recheck information.  

If the accident, incident or injury causes a legal action to be filed, then the information on this form could be very instrumental in showing the steps the care provider took after the event to ensure for the resident's well being. Accident Incident Injury Report Form - Resident Community Care Homes Assisted Living
Form used to document details of an accident and/or incident involving a resident residing in a community based care facility. Accident Incident Investigation Report
A good brief overview of proper procedure to complete an accident investigation.  If an accident occurs at the care facility, at least a basic investigation needs to be conducted, to find out the cause and to try to prevent the accident or incident from occuring again.

The Administrator shall investigate every accident, incident, injury or exposure. The Administrator of the care facility shall complete a full report (see Accident Exposure Investigation Analysis). The State Licenisng Office will require certain accidents and injuries be... Accident Investigation for Care Facilities and Care Home Administrators
Cover for section 10-B of the Business Manual Administrator's Reviews/Reports Cover
Audit of the business office of a care facility. Business Quality Assurance Audit
A check off list of Care Facility Administrator's Check Off List - as needed Audits
A check off list of daily duties performed by the Administrator. Care Facility Administrator's Check Off List - Daily
A check off list of basic standard monthly duties a Care Home Facility Administrator can follow. Group Homes, Skilled Nursing Facilities and all types of community based care businesses. Care Facility Administrator's Check Off List - Monthly
A check off list of basic standard duties often performed by the care facility Administrator on a quarterly basis. Used in residential care, assisted living and other types of community based care businesses. Care Facility Administrator's Check Off List - Quarterly
A check off list of suggested weekly duties performed by the Administrator of a care facility.  Depending on the size of the business will depend on how frequently these duties will be performed. Care Facility Administrator's Check Off List - Weekly
This form is designed to help administrators of residential care and assisted living facilities track the various fall in their facilities, which can help them see if there are any patterns or trends, or other information that can help them reduce residents falls. Care Facility Administrator's Fall Tracking Record - Community and Residential Care
A great form for helping to ensure your care facility business is employing people following the letter of the law.  This two page form contains the basic record standards for a care facility to comply with for care home employees. 

Is there a current copy of his/her First Aid Training card on file? (see First Aid)

If CPR Training is required is there a current copy of his/her card on file?

Are Licenses and/or Training Certificates on file (i.e. Certified Nurses Aide) for the positions held by the employee? Care Facility Staff Records Review Form
This form is used by the Administrator and/or Owner of a care facility to check with the resident's regarding the quality of care he/she receives.  

If yes, what do you like about the care you receive?

If no, what can we do to improve the quality of care you receive? Care Service Quality Assurance Check
A suggested check off list of yearly duties performed by the Administrator.  Basic standards for residential care, assisted living, group homes, nursing homes, and other community based care communities. Community Care Facility and Nursing Home Administrator's Check Off List - Yearly
Form used to conduct and in-house investigation of a complaint.  This document is useful for all residential care, assisted living and nursing homes administrators. Complaint Investigation Report - For Care Facility In-House Complaint Investigation
An audit for the Administrator of a Residential Care Facility or Adult Assisted Living Facility to perform to check the competency of the facilities Certified Personal Care Aides and/or Care Attendants to do their jobs properly. CPCA & Care Attendant Competency Assessment
An audit to be performed by the Administrator or Owner to assist them in following proper policies and procedures in the Dietary Department to help make sure their food service meets state and federal laws and regulations. Great form for community based care facilities, assisted living and residential care homes. Dietary Service Monthly Audit
Form used to document, the release of PCBI and RMCI information, including the method of release, reason, date, and person of authority information was released to. Disclosure PCBI and Risk Management Record
As a part of Quality Assurance and Risk Management, an audit of the employee's dress code should be performed. This is a great form to be used to thoroughly assess employee appearance and compliance. Dress Code Audit
An evaluation form for a care facility to check the staff knowledge of the procedures to follow when sending a resident out of the facility in an emergency. The form is good for most all types of residential care and community care facilities. Emergency Transfer Procedure Skills Evaluation
A form used by care facilities to audit and review Fire Equipment and Safety. Fire Equipment and Safety Review
Information on how to interview a witness in a facility investigation. Interviewing Witnesses
A form used by a Residential Care Facility, Adult Day Care, or Adult Assisted Living Facility to assess by observation and oral questions the Medication Aide's abilities and competency to complete the assigned tasks, signed by the evaluator. Medication Aide Competency Assessment
Form used to conduct a personal interview with staff, residents or visitors during risk management investigations. ALF, RCF, GH, RCFE, CCF Personal Interview Form
Form for the Administrator to complete to track facility infections among the residents. Residential Care Homes, Assisted Living Facilities tracking record of infections. RCF ALF Administrator's Facility Infection Record
A form used by a Residential or Community Care Facility to follow-up on any unusual incidents, accidents, or even wandering away which involves a resident of the residental care facility. Useful tool for care staff. Resident Incident Follow Up Report for Care Facilities and Care Businesses
This form is used in a care facility to review and audit that the rights, culture and beliefs of the resident's are not being violated and are protected. Rights, Culture and Beliefs Facility Service Review
This great document contains general information on risk management.  

Lawsuits are based on:

~The factual basis for the claim
~The standard of care
~How the standard of care was breached
~What should have been done to avoid the breach in the standard of care
~How the breach caused the person's injury

Risk Management Plans, Policies and Procedures help avoid lawsuits by: Risk Management
Why should you care about making the staff happy?  Use this Staff Happiness Review to help you maintain a happy environment in your home that is well balanced. Staff Happiness Review
A form used to outline the timetable of an investigation in an accident or incidence regarding a resident or employee. For all types of care facilities and care businesses. Timetable of Investigation
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