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02 Evaluations & Assessments (22 docs)

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Documents in 02 Evaluations & Assessments (22 docs) (22)

Upon admission to a care facility an Activity Assessment and Care Plan should be completed for the resident.  It is very important to establish and document activity plans for new residents.

An Activity Assessment may be required by the licensing agency.  The Resident Activity Interest Form was designed to give an overall idea of many areas that might be of interest to the resident. Activity Assessment & Care Plan
This form used by a Residential Care or Assisted Living facility to assist in assessing a resident's behavior.  Tool for Case Management Assessment for Behaviors  It should be used with the Mini-mental exam and other assessments forms to determine the resident's behavior care needs. Behavioral Assessment, Case Management Assessment for Behaviors
Explaination of a Facility Evaluation and Inspection Report from the state of California in regards to Residential Care and Assisted Living Facilities. California's Facility Evaluation Report
Some states require a nurse or a social worker to conduct the pre-admission appraisal and determine the resident's level of care.  Even if this is the case in most states each care facility is required to conduct their own pre-admission appraisal.  

Case Manager's Pre-Assessments:
Some states require a nurse or a social worker to conduct the pre-admission appraisal and determine the resident's level of care. The ability to pay for the level of services is also determined. If the resident needs to receive state funding, a case manager is assigned and will usually handle the placement in a facility. This is often the procedure for placing residents in homes for the Developmentally Disabled. Even if this is the case, conduct your own Pre-Admission Appraisal Assessment Form, or use The Levels of Care Assessment Form.

The facility is the entity that assumes the greatest liability. The facility is ultimately responsible for meeting the resident's physical health needs.... Case Manager's Pre-Assessments
An audit for the Administrator of a Residential Care Facility or Adult Assisted Living Facility to perform to check the competency of the facilities Certified Personal Care Aides and/or Care Attendants to do their jobs properly. CPCA & Care Attendant Competency Assessment
A form used by a Care Facility to assess a resident's ability to self store medications and that is to be signed by the resident's physician.  The form requires the physician to answer certain questions about the resident's ability to self-store their medications. Doctor's Assessment - Resident Ability for Self Stored Medications
Form developed to evaluate an employee's documentation skills. Documentation Skills Evaluation - Administration
Form developed to evaluate an employee's documentation skills. Documentation Skills Evaluation - Care Service
Form developed to evaluate an employee's documentation skills. Documentation Skills Evaluation - Dietary
An evaluation form for a care facility to check the staff knowledge of the procedures to follow when sending a resident out of the facility in an emergency. The form is good for most all types of residential care and community care facilities. Emergency Transfer Procedure Skills Evaluation
General type form used to document employee performance, comments and follow-up. Employee Evaluation
This form enables the staff to evaluate his/her employer and company. Employer Evaluation
This is a checklist to help set up a procedure for evaluating employees and setting future goals.  

This is not a disciplinary process.  This can be a positive process in which both the employee and management can improve relations and become a stronger team.  

Evaluation Process:

Investigate before you complete the evaluation.  Prior to meeting with the employee review: Evaluation Setting Goals
Facility policy regarding employee evaluations. Evaluations
This fire drill evaluation form is used by the care home staff to evaluate how they performed during a fire drill. Good for assisted living facilities, group homes and residential care homes.

Was the local fire district notified that you are going to be conducting a drill?
Was your alarm monitoring company notified of the fire drill?
Emergency Phone Number called? (fake one)
Portable telephone or cell phone taken to re-grouping area?
Was fake fire found, and residents removed from danger, first aid administered? ...... Fire Drill Evaluation
This great form was created by ProvidersWeb to allow administrators to evaluate their in-services with staff feedback. In-Service Evaluation
A great form used by employees to evaluate their Administrators, Employers, and/or anyone in a leadership position in the organization.  The form may also be used to evaluate their own leadership abilities. Leadership Evaluation
A good form used to assess a person's leadership skills while working in a care facility or managing a care business. Leadership Self-Evaluation for all Type of care Facility Administrators and Owners
The best of ProvidersWeb's Evaluations and Assessments Forms in an eBook.  ISBN 1-889226-29-7 ProvidersWeb's "Evaluations and Assessments" Forms eBook - ISBN 1-889226-29-7
Table of contents of ProvidersWeb's ProvidersWeb's "Evaluations and Assessments" Forms TOC
This good form is used by the employee(s) to evaluate a supervisor's work performance.  This gives a chance for the employee's opinion to be heard and feedback to be collected. For use in Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Homes, small 6 bed care homes, homes for the mentally ill and developmentally disabled, plus nursing homes and assisted living communities. Supervisor Evaluation (Form)
Used to give Volunteers feedback on their performance.  Often required by the High School for student volunteers who are receiving class credit. Volunteer Evaluation Form
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