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ProvidersWeb logoAbout the ProvidersWeb Team

CEO of ProvidersWeb
Diane Morrow, LNHA, CAD, CMA
Qualifications: Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Certified Activity Director, Certified Medical Assistant, and Residential Care /Assisted Living Expert Witness. In the care service business for 30 years; owner/operator licensee for 20 years. She has owned a 6-bed facility, 30-bed facility, and a 49-bed facility, which she designed, built, and successfully operated for 17 years.

Diane is a Resident and Caregiver Advocate and has helped to get laws and regulations passed or changed to improve the industry. She was the CEO of American College of Community Care Education for 7 years. During that time she taught the very first Certified Residential Care Administrator Certification class in California, and proceeded to teach several thousand administrators and caregivers from all over the United States. Books she authored and taught from include The Residential Care “How To” Administration Manual, which went into 4th printing, and The Works – RCF/ALF Admission’s Manual.

Advisors and Team Contributors


Michelle Ochoa, J.D., Attorney at Law – ProvidersWeb Consultant
Qualifications: Elder Law Attorney, focusing on Resident Rights, and Labor Law. Past Executive Director of a licensed Group Home, Advocate for Children’s Rights. Over 16 years consulting to residential care homes operators. Experienced Community Speaker on Elder Abuse. Past Senior Staff Attorney, California Rural Legal Assistance, Modesto, CA.

Assisted as Editor of the original MEDICATION MANUALS:

Kerry Sobel Pharm.D.

  • Doctorate in Pharmacy, U.C. San Francisco, San Francisco, CA. Geriatric emphasis.
  • Clinical Residency, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL.
  • 20 + years experience in consulting for and managing services for acute care, long term care and residential care – assisted living facilities.
  • Consultant and Auditor, All types of Long Term Care Facilities
  • Pharmacy, Veterans Home
  • Systems analyst and software consultant for State of California and nations largest provider of pharmacy services to the institutionalized senior population.
  • Lecturer, filmmaker, and published author on medication use in the elderly.


Blair White, J.D., B.A. Attorney at Law –

  • Juris Doctrine degree from Hastings
  • Bachelors in Economics, UC Berkeley
  • Business Law Specialist, with experience training Residential Care Administrators
  • Represents Residential Care Providers, in Legal Actions and Licensing Issues
  • Human Resource Council, Advisory Committee for several years
  • Board Member for “Common Ground”, Congregate Meals, and Meals of Wheels Program
  • Building Contractor, ABC 12 – C21

Assisted with: CARE SERVICES

Teresa Olsen, RN, M.A. – ProvidersWeb Consultant
Qualifications: 16 years experience in long-term care; a Masters in Nursing Education, and Public Health Nurse. Began nursing career as a nurse’s aide in a convalescent hospital and worked her way through college working at various long-term care facilities. She has trained many nurses’ aides and personal care givers over the years, and she has been an advisor for Residential Care Facilities.

Paula Okamoto, B.S. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Minor in Health Policy Management.


Angelica White – ProvidersWeb Advocate
CRCA, EMT, Certified Ergonomics Technician
Qualifications: Certified Residential Care Administrator, Certified Disaster and Critical Stress Counselor, EMT, past Medical Captain, past Fire Captain. Has been the Administrator of 14-bed Home for Mentally Ill and a 49-bed facility for the elderly. Owner of an In-Home Care Business for 12 years. Served - 10 years on an Emergency Medical Education Committee.


Chris Kelly
Qualifications: CNA, SOP Certified, Certified ISO 9000 Internal Auditor, Past Personnel Director. Chris specializes in writing and maintaining Standard Operating Procedural Manuals and has years of extensive supervisory experience.


Lawrence Grant – ProvidersWeb Consultant
Qualifications: Maintenance Supervisor in Residential Care Assisted Living Facilities for many years. Past Boilerman’s License, and has been a Fire Safety Coordinator, Public Safety Coordinator, and served on Illness and Injury Prevention Program Committees. Experienced in plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning, carpentry, and preventative maintenance programs. For many years I have been a I enjoy working around seniors, and good caregivers.

Kim Lawson, Housekeeping Supervisor, Gracewood Manor


Katherine Polvinale, CRCA, CAD – ProvidersWeb Consultant
Qualifications: Certified Residential Care Administrator, A.A. Recreational Therapist, Certified Activity Director. Owned and operated a 6-bed facility for over 12 years. She has years of experience providing activity services for seniors, developmentally disabled and the mentally ill.


Terri Murphy, R.D – ProvidersWeb Consultant
Qualifications. Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator. She has worked in the field of nutrition and dietetics for 15 years and has been a Certified Diabetes Educator for 11 years. Experience includes working in large teaching hospitals, smaller community facilities, and outpatient teaching centers. Terry co –authored two teaching manuals, one for healthy weight management, the other for educating registered nurses on teaching diabetes management skills to high risk populations.


Connie Dias, Executive Assistant
Qualifications: Seven years in the residential care field as a bookkeeper. Experienced Chief Financial Officer. She has been in the business and bookkeeping industry for thirty years. Past Owner/Operator of a Day Care facility.
Garnet McKeon, C.P.A., CRCA – ProvidersWeb Consultant
Qualifications: Certified Public Accountant, Certified Residential Care Administrator. Worked in the business aspect of residential care for many years, and has been the Administrator of a medium size facility. Garnet also has worked in skilled nursing.

Government and State Pages

Liz Molina, CRCA, CNA, CAD - Customer Service Director
Qualifications: Certified Residential Care Administrator, with over 26 years experience in residential care and assisted living facilities. She has done numerous jobs, in various types of facilities, in many different states. Types of facilities include homes for the mentally ill; residential care homes for elderly, group homes for children, foster care and day care facilities. She has also been a licensed owner/operator.

Angela Gilbert, has grown up around care homes most of her life. She has worked in nursing homes, Care Facilities for children, elderly and has managed a home for Developmental Disabled. She is a Certified P.A.R.T. Professional, and has completed the requirements for the Direct Support Professional Training, via the California Department of Developmental Services.

Additional Advisors, Consultants and Experts

Claude Ganz, Former Ambassador to Bosnia, Former CEO Dymo Label Maker Company, Expert Business Advisor. Mr. Ganz was the Special Representative of the President of the United States to oversee the Economic Reconstruction of Bosnia. His mandate was to restore that country’s infrastructure and to stimulate the development of an enduring market driven economy so as to forestall a return to violence in the Balkan region. He received President’s Kennedy award for Export Expansion in 1962 and was decorated with the King Gustav Medal for his contributions to the Swedish economy in 1987. Mr. Ganz was essential in advising in the business aspects of ProvidersWeb.

David Rosen, MBA
Master of Business Administration with financial emphasis. Bachelor’s in Environmental Sciences and Land Use Economics. David has almost two decades of senior-level financial and administrative leadership including accounting and cash management systems and processes; budgeting; organization planning, modeling and analysis; mergers, acquisitions and restructuring programs; debt and equity recapitalization, and human resources and information systems programs. Mr. Rosen was instrumental in developing the strategic planning for the document database and was involve in various aspects of the business plan and development. darosen@ix.netcom.com

David Kobrinetz, M.S. in Gerontology and Public Administration, University of Southern California. Mr. Kobrinetz, was helpful during the early business planning stage, and was involved in marketing plans.

Steve Keisling, MBA, Marketing and Business Specialist. Steve has helped in both Business Management and in the Marketing Programs for ProvidersWeb.
Steve is currently assisting small businesses with their advertising needs, you can contact him at: stevekiesling@hotmail.com

Greg Falken, B.A., Media and Communications, Website Development. http://www.webdancers.com/aboutus.htm

Stuart Hince, M.S., Electrical Engineering, Website Development. http://www.webdancers.com/aboutus.htm

Many thanks to Diane’s Assistants:
Michala, Michael, Rebecca, Tammy, Jacey, Mary S., Todd, Lynley, Onnalie, Sara, Stephanie, and Kimbra.

Special, Special Thanks to:
The Residents of Gracewood Manor (1987 to 2004); their home has been the testing ground for Diane’s materials for the last 20 years. She has been blessed by their insight, and inspired by their souls.

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